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The Anglo-Peruvian Trading Company are proud to partner with some of the worlds leading and most forward thinking brands:

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Akvinta vodka | www.akvinta.com

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Birt & Tang | www.birtandtang.com

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The Food Doctor | www.thefooddoctor.co.uk

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Optima | www.optimah.com

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Quinones & Associes | www.quinonesassocies.com

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Dulces Aspe | www.dulcesaspe.com

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Action Team Veranstaltungs GmbH |

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Omni Massage Sysytems | www.omnimassage.uk.com

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Pastcceria Sue Maesta | www.pasticceriasuamaesta.it

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Molino di Ferro | www.molinodiferro.it

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Bodegus Victoria | www.bodegasvictoria.com



Tacama’s vineyard was founded in the 1540’s...
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Vińa Ocucaje was founded in 1898...
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Tabernero was founded in 1897...
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One of the largest vineyards...
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