Peru Vinos is a subsidiary of the Anglo-Peruvian Trading Company, overseeing the introduction of excellent New World Peruvian Wine into the UK. is the sole online UK retailer of Peruvian Wines and offers fine red and white varieties, as well as world- class Pisco from Peru’s four leading vineyards: Tacama, Ocucaje, Tabernero and Vista Alegre.

Officially there are five different vineyard regions in Peru: the North Coast, the Central Coast, the South Coast, the Andean Sierra and the Selva. Of the 11,000 hectares of vineyards in the country, the most important lie in the Central Coast region and it is here that the most celebrated of Peruvian wines are produced.

The coastal region of Peru is desert, intersected by a series of valleys flowing from the Andes down to the sea. It is only in these fertile irrigated areas that the best vines are grown, benefiting from the cool currents of offshore air that rise up into the vineyards. The essential balance between the humidity and daily contrasts in temperature provide exceptional vine growing conditions that lend an outstanding character and full flavours to the fine Peruvian wines that Peru Vinos are proud to offer the UK market for the first time.

Gran Tinto (Red Wine)

Gran Blanco (White Wine)

Seleccion Especial (Red Wine)

Blanco de Blancos (White Wine)

Please take a look at our Pisco - As you know "Pisco belongs to Peru"



Tacama’s vineyard was founded in the 1540’s...
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Viņa Ocucaje was founded in 1898...
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Tabernero was founded in 1897...
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One of the largest vineyards...
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