About Tacama Wines

Tacama’s vineyard was founded in the 1540’s, making it the oldest South American vineyard in the New World. Located in the valley of Ica, the Tacama vineyard sits in a fertile oasis surrounded by desert, 300 kilometres from the city of Lima, capital of Peru. The climate and land of Ica are ideal for the cultivation of wines with real character.

Throughout the years, Tacama has selected and introduced the best grape varieties to its vineyards and perfected its cultivation and production techniques, using French technology as well as extensive consultants with French experts to produce exceptional Peruvian wines. Tacama have won several awards in international shows with well-respected experts classifying the wines as being of world- class quality.

Gran Tinto (Red Wine)

Gran Blanco (White Wine)

Seleccion Especial (Red Wine)

Blanco de Blancos (White Wine)


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Tacama’s vineyard was founded in the 1540’s...
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