Why Peruvian Products?

Peru possesses:

• Three distinct geographic regions; More than 2000km of low land coast line, The high sierra of the Andes & Dense forest and rainforest areas

• As South America's third largest country, 1,285,215 sq.km. of land mass (compared to the UK's 241,600 sq.km.)

• The largest world climate diversity experiencing 28 out of the worlds 32 climates

• Rich soil

• Technical agricultural expertise

• Extensive varied crop growing land for the development of new crops and products

• The most efficient irrigation system in the region

• An extensive variety of exotic products

• Windows of market opportunity

• The largest biodiversity of plants and species in the world

• One of the largest hydroelectric reserves in the world

• A variety of diverse natural resources, precious metals and commodities

Making Peru an exciting country of unlimited business potential, unique quality produce and rich diverse culture.



Tacama’s vineyard was founded in the 1540’s...
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Viņa Ocucaje was founded in 1898...
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Tabernero was founded in 1897...
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One of the largest vineyards...
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